Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top Six Record Club - More fascinating finds

A few months ago I bought a humble badge on Ebay. Little did I know at the time, but that badge would lead to the uncovering of a good deal of information about the Top Six label's Record Club, thanks to blog reader James Brown, and now, Colin Richardson of Artistry label fame. Colin has unearthed some 50-year-old documents which belong to the Top Six Record Club project, and which contain fascinating details.

If you have trouble reading them, you can enlarge them by clicking the images, if your screen is large enough. If not, save them to your PC and read them back that way. (If all else fails, email me and I will send you the original scans).

So without further ado, here's what Colin has kindly sent us:

1. Original application form to join the club. (According to one of the other documents below, this form was included with each EP sold):

2: Welcome letter. This would have been for the very first batch of members, since it mentions the first few EPs and LPs on the label, which were current in the spring of 1964. It also invites members to apply to attend the recording of the associated radio show:

3: This is a regular members' newsletter, probably the first to be sent out (after the welcome letter, of course). It plugs EP number 4 - and amazingly talks of a tour of live venues by "The Ghost Squad" - who are, apparently, "The mystery group who make the Top Six records"!! (Can this really be the case?):

4. The next newsletter. This one plugs EP number 5, released over the summer of 1964, and more appearances by "The Ghost Squad":

5. And finally, this seems to be some sort of advert/flyer promoting the club:

Our grateful thanks to Colin for sending images of these mega-rare items of memorabilia, adding yet more to our knowledge of the Top Six Record Club.

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