Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Artistry cassette catalogue, 1979

I was very lucky recently to be sent some scans of the Artistry label's catalogue of 1979. This four-sided sheet lists all of Artistry's then-available cassettes, many of which are pop music soundalikes, including their ongoing "Smash Tracks" series. The small print inside is too small to reproduce well here, but below are scans of the front and back covers:

I personally was surprised at one or two of the featured releases, since they were completely new to me. On the front, for example, is a cassette called Revived 45s Volume 2 - which I naturally thought was a reissue of the old Hallmark LP. But the track listing inside showed it to be a completely different collection:

Hallmark's LP looked like this:

I had never heard of this Artistry cassette before, and likewise was intrigued to see an album listed with the curious title, Tops of Top of the Pops! I don't think it's anything to do with you-know-what, but I do wonder if the cassette title ruffled any feathers.

It was fascinating finding out about some of these releases, not least the "Smash Tracks" ones for which I previously had no track listings. (See here for the discography as currently known.)

Thanks to Colin Richardson for sharing this.

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