Sunday, September 8, 2013

Top of the Poppers in Mexico

If there is an LP title most likely to inspire derision in the cynical, world-weary, post-punk world, then it's probably Top of the Poppers Sing & Play The Osmonds' Greatest Hits. But tell that to the Mexicans! I have just learned that this quintessentially 1970s LP was issued there, on the local Diana label. The cover images aren't great, but we can see what's going on:

The Mexican edition is called Top of the Poppers Cantan y Tocan los Grandes Exitos de Los Osmonds, which is a literal Spanish translation of the English name. And the song titles are also given in Spanish: who could forget those hits "Aname Por Una Razon" or "Amante De Pelo Largo De Liverpool"?

As it happens, this is not a one-off. Another LP in the series was also issued there, and there's a miniature photo of it on the sleeve above. Here's a scan of the copy in my own collection:

Also on the back of the LP cover is a reproduction of the sleeve of La Ola Inglesa volume 24. Given what is known about the Mexican TOTP discography, this is almost certainly a compilation from Top of the Pops, and the cover looks familiar too. Pity we can't read the song titles...

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