Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Heron pressing shows up...

Last year I did a post on a couple of Heron label LPs I have (here). Heron was brand of petrol stations, who somehow, someway, somewhen created their own record label! Their output, to my knowledge, just consisted of pressings of LPs normally available on the Deacon label.

I have one orthodox soundalike collection on Heron - Pick of the Pops volume 1, which you might guess was Heron's fist such release. But now another has come along - namely, the best-of collection for 1969. It's tricky to try and work out what was released when, but Deacon gave the LP the catalogue number DEA 1001, which implies it came out before the "Pick of the Pops" series launched (well into 1970, with DEA 1010).

In any case, here is the newly-discovered Heron pressing:

As you can see, only the packaging has changed. Everything else, including the catalogue number is exactly as per the regular Deacon pressing, but there is, obviously, a new label - while the back of the sleeve has been altered to promote the brand.

Seasoned collectors will know that there is more to the story of Deacon: not only did Heron put out copies of some of their LPs, but they were also issued on the Gallery label. This particular collection is now known in all three incarnations, so here are label scans from the other two editions:

Incidentally, unlike Heron, the Gallery pressings used standard Deacon sleeves. This one just had a gold sticker over the Deacon logo on the back:

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