Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nonstop Top 20 - rare late edition

Well, I thought I had the "Nonstop Top 20" series nailed - eight LPs running from early 1971 to mid-1972. Then this showed up - volume 9!

Like volumes 7 and 8, this one has a cover featuring the Shetland 570 Cabin Cruiser. But unlike the earlier albums in the series, there is no audience applause dubbed on between the songs, which are almost touching, with just the briefest of gaps between them.

There's a downside to this though - there is editing in evidence, shortening the recordings so that 20 can be squeezed onto one album, and the edits are sometimes less than subtle. "Starman", for example, has lost verse 1, and commences with the chorus, complete with a horrible bump as the tape edit clunks in. Normally this would have been concealed beneath the fake cheers, but not here.

So, we now know volume 9 exists. This surely has to be the last one, right? Or, is there a volume 10 out there waiting to be discovered?...


  1. Blimey-another one to add to the wants list(and i thought i had the full set too :) )

    1. do you know who sang the origal track rain on vol 2

    2. I have it down as by Bruce Ruffin. Got to number 19 in the UK charts.

  2. It's interesting that this series was also released in Sweden, on EMI's Emidisc label. So far as I can tell, each Swedish LP is exactly the same as the UK - but - the Swedish albums include a pressing of volume 10, which is (as yet) unknown in the UK. Was a UK edition released as well, I wonder? The timing it exactly right.

    These are the tracks for the Sweden LP:

    Solid Gold Easy Action / Why / Gudbuy T'Jane / Rock Me Baby / Don't Do That / Ben / We Can Make Funtime / Mouldy Old Dough / Loop Di Love / Little Drummer Boy / Lookin' Through The Windows / What Made Milwaukee Famous / Long Haired Lover From Liverpool / Crocodile Rock / Clair / Magic Woman Touch / Crazy Horses / Lay Down / Can't Keep It In / Goodbye To Love

  3. Bad news, chaps - there's not only Volume 10, but also Volume 11!!!

    Vol 10 (PXMS 1015) has the same sleeve design as Vol 9, but in plum. Vol. 11 (PXMS 1016) has the same sleeve layout but is just orange (no boat) and just has the titles in bigger print! Will try to get the sleeves scanned for you.

    Track listing for Vol.10 is as the Swedish LP above.

    (We Can Make Funtime was written by Lotinga and published by Plexium Music - hmmm ... Magic Woman Touch was a flop for The Hollies)

    Vol.11 - Cum On Feel The Noize/Tweedle Dee/Tie A Yellow Ribbon/Baby I Love You/Pyjamarama/Heart Of Stone/The Twelfth Of Never/By The Devil (I Was Tempted)/God Gave Rock And Roll To You/Killing Me Softly With His Song

    20th Century Boy/Get Down/Love Train/Feel The Need In Me/Looking Through The Eyes Of Love/Pinball Wizard/Power To All Our Friends/Why Can't We Live Together/Crazy/Never Never Never

    1. Fantastic info - thanks. Some scans would be great!

      Vol 10 would have appeared towards the end of 1972, but Vol 11 would date to around March 1973.

      The song "We Can Make Funtime" must have been written by Plexium's top man, Gordon Lotinga. I presume it was never a hit for anyone! (Is it any good, though??)

  4. Hi all -picked up volume 11 today PXMS 1016.
    LES D