Monday, September 10, 2012

5th Avenue cassettes - mini-series discovered

Some of you experts out there may know all about this cassette-only series already, but it was new to me when I chanced upon a couple of tapes on Ebay last week. The series is called "Sounds of the Seventies" and the tapes themselves - at least, the two we have seen - are made up enitrely of tracks from the Pye Chart Busters series. (Some of these recordings were also originally released in the "12 Tops" series, the Windmill "Parade of Pops" series, and the "World Top 12" series. Pye is the only one which has all of them.)

For those not in the know, the 5th Avenue label was part of the Artistry stable in the 1970s, both a continuation of sorts of the older Avenue label, which we've mentioned a number of times recently.

First: "Greatest Hits of the 70s Vol 2"

Here's a sound file of this version of "Angie Baby": 07.angie baby.mp3

Below: "Greatest Hits of the Silly 70s"

Fortunately, the insert above lists the full "Sounds of the Seventies" series:

  1030  Greatest Hits of the Seventies Vol 1
  1031  Greatest Hits of the Seventies Vol 2
  1032  Greatest Disco Hits of the Seventies
  1033  Superstars of the Seventies
  1034  Super Groups of the Seventies
  1035  Greatest Hits of the Silly Seventies
  1036  Greatest Hit Ballads of the Seventies

Between them, these seven cassettes would contain 84 tracks, which even allowing for a little duplication here and there, still accounts for about a third of the "Pye Chart Busters" catalogue. (There probably is some duplication - note the two scans above - both cassettes include the track "Part of the Union".)


Following the comments in response to this post, we did a bit of Googling and found an image of the Artistry label reissue of "Greatest Hits of the Silly Seventies". It's catalogue number AR 661. Please contact us if you know any more about these cassettes...


  1. 1035 was re-issued on the Artistry Label with new artwork a couple of years later.Fifth Avenue & Artistry had a very wide range of cassettes and some great artists,I wonder what happened to the company it just seemed to vanish.

  2. That's interesting. I wonder if they just issued this one, or whether they issued to whole mini-series?

    By the way, Artistry are still going. They released a couple of sessions CDs recently made up of old Avenue recordings, and have some more in the pipeline - I did a post about it a week or so ago.