Sunday, September 16, 2012

TV Funtime - one for the kids

One of the great challenges for Top of the Pops collectors is rounding up all 25 of the spin-off EPs on the Mr Pickwick label, which contain songs from the LP series. Some, such as the early "Top of the Tots" 7-inchers are relatively easy to locate. Others are near impossible.

We have just collected a copy of one of the most difficult ones - "TV Funtime". Unlike the others, this is only half composed of Top of the Pops recordings. (Side 2 contains songs from another source.) Nevertheless, it's a real rarity, so here are some scans. We'll spare you sound samples though!

Some technical details for those interested (yes, all two of you!): "Smurf Song" is taken from Top of the Pops volume 67 and "Mah Na Mah Na" is from volume 59. On the B-side is a version of "Remember You're A Womble" which the Poppers did make a version of, but this one's different.

The original LPs:

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  1. Minor point for Pickwick: it was titled "Halfway DOWN the Stairs", not 'up'!!!