Sunday, March 29, 2020

Newly discovered Top of the Poppers cassette

Very occasionally, we are lucky to find another item from the long Top of the Pops discography, which had managed to escape our attentions. The latest new find is a cassette by the Poppers, as shown below:

It's called The Top Of The Poppers Sing And [Play] Disco Machine - which may sound familiar, as this is not entirely new to us.

It's a compilation from the main Top of the Pops album series, but it has appeared in a cassette edition previously, not, as here, on the Bravo label, but on Allegro. That earlier edition was one of three disco-based compilations issued on cassette, all in white cases.

Let's have a look at them:

Disco Crazy, Disco Heat, and Disco Machine were all compiled from the main series, and were issued by Allegro (one of Pickwick's imprints) as ALC 4049, ALC 4050 and ALC 4051.

The track listings can be read from these scans:

Our new discovery is, of course, a re-issue of one of these. However at least one of the other two was also re-issued on Bravo, as shown below:

Was the third one as well? We don't know!

One other point of interest is the brand-new artwork on the Bravo edition of Disco Machine, which is unlike most Top of the Pops covers. In fact this too has a precedent - it's from the same shoot as a photo once used by the Stereo Gold Award label for one of their 12 Tops LPs:

So, an intriguing find. I wonder how many more Top of the Pops releases are lurking out there, waiting to be added to our database?

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