Sunday, September 30, 2018

Top of the Poppers Sing & Play David Bowie!

If you thought another vinyl Top of the Poppers LP would never appear, then, like me, you were wrong.

Details have started emerging on the internet of a forthcoming vinyl LP, Top of the Poppers Sing & Play the Hits of David Bowie, issued by the Electronic Sound label.

Check out the groovy coloured vinyl as well:

The record is not available yet, but I would recommend anyone interested place a pre-order here as these are bound to become collectors' items, and likely to be limited editions.

The track listing is:
  • Starman (from TOTP volume 25)
  • Life On Mars? (from TOTP volume 32)
  • Sorrow (from TOTP volume 34)
  • The Man Who Sold The World (from TOTP volume 36)
  • TVC15 (from TOTP volume 52) 
  • Space Oddity (from TOTP volume 48)
  • Heroes (from TOTP volume 62)
  • Boys Keep Swinging (from TOTP volume 73)
  • Fashion (from TOTP volume 83)
 More info will be posted here in due course...

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