Monday, August 13, 2018

Previously unknown Top 4 EP found

This week, I was contacted by collector, Benn Elsey, with details of a Top 4 EP, produced by Bill Wellings and featuring a couple of Lennon-McCartney songs on side 1.

At first, it was unclear what Benn had found - so far as we knew, there were only ever four of these EPs released, and none had "She Loves You" or "Bad To Me" on - so this would be a brand-new discovery.

What we are looking at is T4505 - the fifth EP in the Top 4 series, previously uncatalogued and not known to exist!

The previous four can be seen here, by the way.

The Top 4 label was a cousin to the Top 6 label, whose EPs contained six tracks. Top 4 would take a quartet of them and issue them again - presumably at a cheaper price. Here, then, is the corresponding Top 6 edition, which also has versions of "I'll Never Get Over You" and "In Summer".

Dating the disc is reasonably easy, since it would have appeared while the hit versions were current. We therefore place it circa August 1963.

Great find - our thanks to Benn for the info and images.

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