Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Top of the Pops - Complete set for sale

Happy New Year, blogsters. I have a couple of interesting Top of the Pops items to kick off 2018, this being the first of them.

I was alerted to this by an anonymous tip-off - presumably from the Ebay seller himself.

The seller, kevsboxcom, is advertising, "the dogs b**, the mother-load, the eBay job lot of 2018 ... Every Top of the Pops LP from the main series Vol 1 (1968) through to Vol 92 (1985) and Every Best of year LP (1969-1984), and over half have their original posters."

You can see the item for sale here

He's also chucking in a few extras, including one Top of the Pops CD.

Job lots like this don't generally come up, so this is a rare chance for someone to bag a complete set in one go! The asking price for this mega-lot? A reasonable £299.99.

Will be interesting to see how the sale goes...

Watch this space for a couple of fab new TOTP finds!

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