Friday, January 5, 2018

Groovy 7-inch releases from Portugal

The second in a mini-run of Top of the Pops posts.

I have recently become aware of a series of singles and EPs from Portugal, with Top of the Pops recordings and artwork. First, here are the covers of the three I've found so far - not great images, but good to see anyway...

Great little records! The sleeves of course incorporate photos of models as shown on the British LP covers - cut out onto white backgrounds and converted to black and white. Just for those who don't know - here's where they originate...

The two singles contain tracks from volume 31: "Hallelujah Day" / "One And One Is One" and "Can The Can" / "Rubber Bullets" - but the original cover photos are from the earlier volumes 27 and 29. We think 1973 is correct for both.

The EP has four tracks from volume 38: "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us" / "The Night Chicago Died" / "Shang-A-Lang" / "Red Dress" - and the cover photo is from the same LP, so it's a dead cert the EP came out in 1974.

We should also draw attention to the fact that the group is given two new identities - Free Band and The Non Stoppers. Nonetheless, there is a little "Top of the Pops" logo printed on the fronts!

Here are the backs of two of the sleeves. We'd love to find more of these, if anyone can help.

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