Saturday, February 18, 2017

Unusual Poppers compilation from Brazil

Known Top of the Pops releases from Brazil are quite diverse, ranging from odd EPs to self-styled compilations and, in a few cases, completely new cover designs for otherwise familiar LPs.

Our newest find is as close as we've come to locating a standard Brazilian issue from the main series, but it's not quite what it appears to be...

Of course it looks to be a pressing of volume 36. What's immediately striking though is the typing used for the song titles - front and back, it's in a range of colours, quite unlike anything we've seen before.

The new print was forced by the alternative track listing - for this isn't a plain and simple volume 36 - it's a compilation from vol 36 and the earlier vol 33:
  • Rock On -- from vol. 33
  • Ooh Baby -- from vol. 33
  • Love Me Tender -- from vol. 36
  • Rockin' Roll Baby -- from vol. 36
  • Teenage Dream -- from vol. 36
  • All Of My Life -- from vol. 36
  • Angie -- from vol. 33
  • Skywriter -- from vol. 33
  • The Man Who Sold The World -- from vol. 36
  • Teenage Lament '74 -- from vol. 36
  • Tiger Feet -- from vol. 36
  • Teenage Rampage -- from vol. 36
The two LPs it samples are about half a year apart - so why the gap? Our guess is that this Brazilian "volume 2" was preceded by a "volume 1" compilation from the UK volumes 34 and 35.

The label too is immediately noticeable - RCA-Camden, who had nothing to do with the UK releases! Here's the UK cover for volume 36 by the way, which itself re-uses the sleeve design from the Europe Edition of 1971:

Neat collection. Here's hoping the predecessor, "volume 1" will surface at some point.

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