Saturday, February 11, 2017

Top of the Spots

More television cameos for those Top of the Pops LPs...

This time, it's the short comedy series, The Rebel, starring Simon Callow.

Callow plays an anti-establishment, ex-mod who refuses to grow old and likes nothing more than sticking two fingers to the law. Filmed in Brighton, scene of the most famous mod-rocker showdown in the '60s, episode 2 has him leading a group of pensioners in a riot over improper use of charity shop donations.

Down on Brighton beach, one of his army - an elderly lady in a Zimmer frame - proceeds to produce some Top of the Pops LPs, and, launching one as a frisbee, leads a charge against the enemy, LPs held aloft...

Here are some stills of her in action:

We can spot very clearly, volume 15 (the frisbee) and volume 35.

There's a third LP we don't get to see, the very edge of which is just poking out from behind volume 15. Given the red frame just visible, this must be an upside down sleeve, and the sharp square corner of said frame leads me to think it's volume 21:

If you see any surprise appearances like this, on TV, film, magazine, etc - send them in, and we'll feature them here.

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