Sunday, October 9, 2016

Avenue of America - new finds

A couple of recent discoveries here, from Avenue of America - not a US imprint of Britain's Avenue organisation, but a Canadian one. First up, we have an edition of a fairly obscure LP which came out in February (give or take) of 1970. First the front cover of the UK press:

And so to the Canadian equivalent - apparently a straight duplicate of the album but with subtle changes to the cover art (couldn't afford any yellow ink??):

The catalogue number remains unchanged as compared to the UK pressing. The fact that it is a duplicate in all but cover details stands it in contrast to the album below, a similar-looking package from Avenue of America, which has the sleeve art from the UK's AVE 034 but the contents of the UK's AVE 044!

The second new find was this 8-track cartridge:

"Avenue of America Presents 50 Top Hits of 72". Hmmm... not a title known from the UK discography, need we say. The contents are of interest - it's an Avenue comp of course, with several selections from the ongoing cover version series. There is, in fact, a Canadian vinyl equivalent - an extravagant triple album, to which this cartridge matches disc 1. (So presumably, there are two more such cartridges 'out there').

The closest Britain came to matching this release was the comp below, a comparatively meagre 20-track compilation issued on Avenue's side-label, Stereo Plus 3:

For more about Avenue's overseas editions, see here.

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