Saturday, October 8, 2016

Avenue - more on the coloured vinyls

Record collector, Holger Schoeler, has been in touch on the subject of the Avenue label and its coloured vinyl pressings

Holger has checked his own copies and reports that several other records, not on our initial listing, were pressed on this same dark, translucent material. Among them are AVE 056 and AVE 072, which are Avenue's (ie Alan Caddy's) tribute albums to Engelbert Humperdinck and Andy Williams respectively.

And from the main series, the album numbered AVE 0101 was also issued with this same deep red tint - although not in all cases, as my jet-black copy proves. Here's Holger's copy though:

We can therefore add this to our list of regular Avenue covers albums in coloured vinyl:
  • AVE 082
  • AVE 088
  • AVE 092
  • AVE 097
  • AVE 0101
  • AVE 0102
  • AVE 0104
  • AVE 0109
  • AVE 0129
And what's more, Holger has added some EPs to our list. We previously knew of five Avenue/Forest EPs of this type. We can now add the following to the list of confirmed examples from the Avenue label:
  • EVA 2001
  • EVA 2013 
...and also NUE 140 ("Tribute to Beatlemania") plus the Japanese EP, ARD M003.

Keep 'em coming, popsters!

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