Friday, August 19, 2016

UK one-offs part 3: The Million Sellers


Our series of one-off covers LPs continues with this offering from Decca, issued on their Eclipse imprint in 1970...

Surprisingly little-documented, this rarity contains soundalikes which we've yet to find elsewhere. That being the case, there's every indication that this is an in-house Decca job - and indeed, the credits on the sleeve point this way.

On the back, it states, "Produced by M.A.M. Records Limited by Shaftesbury Productions". M.A.M are recognisable as Gilbert O'Sullivan's label, but who are the "Chartbusters Orchestra and Singers"? We'll probably never know, but M.A.M., as Wiki tells us, was "a British record label launched in 1970 by the management company Management Agency & Music Ltd. (MAM). It was founded by Gordon Mills and Tom Jones and distributed by Decca Records."

So, we can see this is an early project for the fledgling organisation.

The cover's great too! An old-time till stuffed with pre-decimal bank notes, and with the "LSD" inscription (that's pounds, shillings and pence, by the way). As for the tracks, a stack of blockbusters, although it's dubious whether "Gimme Dat Ding" and "Montego Bay" really did sell a million a piece!

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