Thursday, August 18, 2016

UK one-offs part 2: Hits of the 80s Vol 1

This post follows yesterday's, and features another LP about which we know not too much.

Here's it is.

Volume 1, it's called, but so far as we know there was never a volume 2. The album is credited to a fictional act called the Chart Invaders, but in fact, is 50 percent of the anonymous double LP we featured yesterday. In other words, it's an abridged edition - a best-of, if you will.

Maybe there was a volume 2 after all, made up of the other 14 tracks? We'll still count it as a one-off anyway. The label is Everest Records (with an incongruous snow-capped Union Jack for a logo), and Daga can just about me discerned in the small print. Interesting item - I wonder what the story is?

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