Thursday, January 29, 2015

More pricing shenanigans from mfp

It's been a curiosity for ages: mfp and their retail price changes. I've done a couple of posts on it in the past - here and here.

The thing is, they used to print the retail price on the sleeve itself, which is great in theory but obviously more problematic than it seems. In fact, they ended up issuing issued several of their albums in different editions, with alternative prices on them. And where that failed, they used their own stickers to make things so.

Old news perhaps, but I've just stumbled across another stickered example. Here's the usual sleeve...

14 shillings and sixpence, in your old money.

Here's the stickered version...

Make it fifteen bob. Or 75p, if you will. (We were just going decimal, after all.)

Here's the sticker itself. You can see it is marked "Music for Pleasure", so it's come from the factory like this; it's not a shop sticker.

So, another curious addition to a somewhat convoluted discography, for us completists to deal with. No doubt there are many more out there...

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