Monday, January 26, 2015

Brand new Artistry CD - Tops in Pops

The crew at Artistry have done it again. Following their CD re-issues of recent years, which have seen many classic cover versions from the 1960s preserved in the modern digital format, they have just announced the release of a new collection: "Tops in Pops of the 60s".

Here's the front cover - a striking pastiche of a certain sleeve design from years gone by...

Many of these tracks are known from the EP catalogues of the 1960s, and originally turned up on labels such as Cannon, Crossbow and Top Six. Others are familiar from the early Avenue LPs, but while those original records did not always credit the singers, this CD puts the matter right. Here's the full listing with artist creditations:

We will post details of how to obtain copies when ready - meantime, to check out Artistry's other CD releases, click "Artistry" on the menu, right, and head over to Ebay to track them down.

Artistry are an independent label, and are fighting the battle along with other independents, to keep the CD format alive in this age of downloads. Help them out by placing an order, and hopefully there will be more CDs in the pipeline.

Thanks to Colin Richardson and his team for their sterling work.

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  1. Interesting! The font looks the same as the TOTP albums. I will check out the other Artistry CDs. I did buy the two David Byron compilations off eBay.

    (Ian B)