Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cover model: Carol Augustine

Browsing for magazine articles on Salvador Dali (don't ask!), I chanced upon the magazine below, and something (besides the obvious) caught my eye. The magazine is called Weekend, and this particular edition dates to December 11, 1974. So I suppose I should have waited until next Thursday to post it up, exactly on its 40th anniversary - but what the heck. Here it is...

Check it out - just 6p buys you gripping stories like "How the Forsyte Saga Wrecked my Marriage" and "What Keeps an AA Man Smiling?"... but what's it doing on a blog about budget cover version LPs?

Well, quite simply, the photo is very similar to one which appeared on volume 12 of Pye's Chart Buster Hits in the autumn of that year - so a couple of months prior to the magazine. Here's the LP in question:

The photo is clearly from the same shoot, and courtesy of the magazine (which has something to say about the model in question, inside) we now know her to be Carol Augustine, one of many models to feature on the LP sleeves, who like the musicians and singers, were condemned to anonymity in nearly all cases.

Carol also appeared on at least two other budget LPs, with another photo from the session - one of them released in Spain, the other in Argentina. Different bikini bottoms to the above, but otherwise a close match:

Given that most of these models were making their living from posing for magazines and the like, there could well be many more out there, waiting to be discovered. Maybe, like this one, they will enable us to identify the models in person. Here is one other example, although we don't know her name. This time, it's Windmill's Parade of Pops series, corresponding with the cover of Cosmopolitan (August 1972):

Drop us a line if you spot any similar examples out there...

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  1. Carol also had a small part in Confessions of a Window Cleaner and did a commercial for Manikin cigars. Apparently she died very young in 1975 in suspicious circumstances.