Friday, November 28, 2014

Flag EPs - rare picture sleeves found

I've been interested in cataloging Flag's EP series for some time, and last updated the known discography in September. This week, things took an unexpected twist with the discovery of not one but two picture sleeves - the first and so far only such sleeves known. They belong to EPs 11 and 13 respectively, and here they are:

As everyone knows, these EPs were usually sold in paper sleeves with a photograph on them. One such paper sleeve is pictured below, and has the same artwork as the picture sleeve on EP 13:

Where does the image come from? It seems to originate with the Boulevard LP pictured below:

The other EP sleeve shown above has no vinyl equivalent so far as we are aware (drop us a comment if you know otherwise).

So, it appears that at least two of Flag's EPs came out in picture sleeves - numbers 11 and 13. What are the odds that number 12 got the same treatment? And will a copy ever surface for us? Watch this space...

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