Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stereo Gold Award: One top...

As blog readers know, I spend a good deal of my time loitering on, and contributing to the websites at 45Worlds. There, among many delights, you will find hundreds of cover version LPs uploaded by a range of contributors. One such collector added the album, "12 Tops volume 8" some time ago, which prompted the interest of others, including one 45-catter going by the handle, Zabadak.

He bought a copy of the LP when it was first issued, thinking (as so many did!) that the LP contained the original hit versions. As he recalls, "49p, Woollies, Ruislip Manor"...

So, forty-plus years on, he's decided to commemorate the event by having the groovy T-shirt pictured below made up. What a great idea!

Trainspotters among you will note that this shirt features the second (?) print of the album sleeve (front and back), differentiated from the first by the fact that the tracks "Daniel" and "Do You Wanna Touch Me" are on different lines on the front, not side-by-side like this (just thought you'd like to know):

If you see someone sporting this shirt in the vicinity of the old Woolies store in Ruislip, it's probably Zabadak!

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