Monday, August 25, 2014

Hits '68 - welcome to the Matrix!

What were mfp thinking in the spring of 1968? Out came their latest cover version LP - "Hits '68" - but for some reason, they just couldn't let it be. We already knew of four different versions of the sleeve (just the sleeve - the LP inside never changes), but this week variant number 5 has shown up. Images to follow, but first, here's the "Hits '68 Matrix", showing all the known (so far) varieties of this humble square foot of card:

So, what's going on?

Let's start with the price on the front: There are three variants known - one has 13/11 drawn into the artwork, another has 14/6. Then to add to the mix,  there are further variants which have an original mfp sticker over the top of 13/11, upping the price.

Now, let's flip it over. On the back, the most noticeable difference to be found is the purple print/black print variation. Here are two examples, one of each (click to enlarge):

Then there's this thing, to be found printed across the tops of some editions:

So, we knew of 13/11 editions with black print, and 14/6 editions with purple print. We knew of stickered editions with a STEREO/MONO notice - but this week, we turned up our first copy with:
  • 13/11 on the front
  • Purple print on the back
  • No STEREO/MONO notice

Here she is:

Variant number 5 - so what on earth was going on? Answers on a postcard please...

While we're here, we might as well look at the other price-point variants on mfp's covers albums, as shown below. "Hits '67" and "Heart Hits" have two variants each - "Smash Hits" has three!

Why this was done, we've never got to the bottom of. If anyone out there knows, drop us a line please!


  1. Hi Terry, afraid I've got a 6th version:

    13/6 Purple WITH notice!!

  2. Hi Tim. 13/6 ?? Did you mean 14/6 ? If it's 13/6, that's even more amazing. In any case, good to have confirmation that another one is out there. Me thinks the matrix will need reloading.

  3. Got you! 13/11. That's basically a stickered copy, less the sticker.