Tuesday, July 22, 2014

World Top 12... on cassette!

I was pretty surprised last week to come across a cassette edition of an album from the "World Top 12" series - the covers LPs put out by Boulevard and Flag in the early 1970s. I'd heard of 8-track cartridge editions before, but never cassettes. I managed to obtain the cassette, and although disappointed to find the tape itself was somewhat mangled inside (and outside) the shell, have added it to my collection. Here are some images:

This is of course volume 2 from the series. Interestingly, it is not on the Boulevard label like the LP, but on the same firm's Opus imprint. The track listing is the same, although the songs are shuffled into a new order.

Below are scans of the associated 8-track cartridge. Just to confuse matters, this is on the Boulevard label although we know that later cartridges in the series were Opus. So what's going on there?

Let us know if you've seen any more of these Boulevard/Flag/Opus tapes on your travels...

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