Saturday, July 26, 2014

Those Flair EPs - complete set at last!

Blog readers with a good memory for trivia will recall that way back in January 2013, I was fortunate enough to come by a set of five Flair EPs, courtesy of fellow collector Declan, and the discovery of a huge hoard of old copies found in someone's loft. (The original blog post is here.)

Having been kindly given the first five in the series, I had just one gap left to fill - the sixth and final EP in the set, which came out in the autumn of 1968. A nagging gap it's been too - until this week, when collector Bill Williams sent me a fine copy to complete my set. Here are the scans:

You've got to hand it to Flair. Their record covers were fantastic, and seemed to capture something very much of its time in the groovy lettering and colourful design. Equally fascinating is the photo they used on this edition - check out that piano and the seemingly endless glasses of booze on top. (Well, it was the 60s!)

My thanks to Bill for the EP. Here are all six side-by-side, as they will now be in my collection, forming a rainbow of colours...

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