Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Whatever happened to Deacon Records?

Cover version collector Simon Mclean recently sent me some interesting scans of the LP, Top Hits of the Year, which Deacon put out in 1972. The album rounds up hits over the previous 12 months - ie, during 1971 - and contains the following songs:

Woodstock / I Hear You Knocking / My Sweet Lord / (Where Do I Begin) Love Story / Rose Garden / Hot Love / Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep / Hey Girl Don't Bother Me / Knock Three Times / Butterfly / Maggie May / Coz I Luv You

This was probably the last thing ever issued on the Deacon label. I don't know of any others after 1971, and don't know what became of Deacon. What is interesting about this particular copy of the LP though, is the detail on the back - which might contain some clues.

This is from the small print on the back of my copy, and (rarely) shows an address for Deacon:

But this is Simon's copy - different, and with a different address:

So, it seems that this final LP was issued with two different company addresses. 120 King Street was also the address of a record shop called the King Street Record & Tape Centre, and was later used by the record label, Warwick Records, in the mid-1970s. The Winchelsea Road address however, seems to be the same premises as was used by Enterprise Records a while later - so it's far from clear what happened to Deacon Records.

And, moreover, what are we to make of this AZ logo? What might it signify? There was a European label called AZ at the time, but their logo was different to this, and consistent in every country. If any readers recognise this logo, please drop us a line!

For a researcher like me, this is all perplexing enough, but what are we to make of this - another version of the same record, on Deacon again, but with an entirely different sleeve!

And while we're here, we may as well chuck this into the mix as well:

Please leave a message if you know anything more about the various editions of this album, or what might have happened to Deacon Records. We know that their regular LP series, Pick of the Pops was taken over by Windmill and promptly re-branded as Parade of Pops, but that's as far as the story goes.

Meantime, thanks to Simon for flagging up his rare alternative pressing.


  1. Both properties were owned by my dad I think the az logo was made for Tesco or w h smiths but not 100 PC sure I used to have the masters and artwork for the albums
    But they got destroyed around1981/82

  2. Hi deacon record label was owned by my parents mr & mrs Ali the biggest seller was fool on the hill
    Regards jim ali

  3. If any one wants to know more about deacon or heron records please get in touch
    I have more info
    Jim ali

    1. Hi Jim.

      Fascinating! I know the Fool on the Hill LP - I often see it at record fairs and the like.

      Anything about Deacon would be gratefully received, as there's not much info out there. For instance, how the label came about, what were the details of its transfer to Windmill/Parade of Pops (if indeed it was transfered), and what happened when it closed down.

      Do you know anything about the cover version recordings, like where they were made or who appeared on them? I know Elton is on at least three.

      And do you know any more about the Gallery pressings, and the Heron label pressings of the Deacon LPs? Was the Heron label part of Deacon, or was it just a branding deal?

      Since I wrote this blog post, I realised the AZ logo is also on the back of Deacon's final "Pick of the Pops" LP: http://www.45worlds.com/vinyl/album/dea1086 - so it was added for retail purposes?

      Please do tell us more - either here, or using my email address (see top of page). And thanks for getting in touch.