Monday, October 21, 2013

All quiet? ... not really

Blog regulars will have no doubt noticed a slowing down of late. It's true I haven't been uploading new blog posts so much in recent weeks, but it's only because I'm busy elsewhere.

My previous post concerned the new initiative Vinyl Album World, and of late I've been spending much of my spare time uploading material there. My intent is to get my own collection of covers LPs fully scanned and documented on there, and as you will imagine, it's a time-consuming process.

In the end, there will be detailed discographies of all the main budget covers LP series. But is this really necessary, given the other sites available? Well, yes - I think it is. The advantage of Vinyl Album World is the clear layout and ability for anyone to contribute missing data. It has potential to be the definitive port of call for anyone looking into these, or any other genre of LP releases. It also features full imagery of the sleeves, front and back, any inserts, labels, etc, songwriter credits and so on.

So will it replace my own sites? I don't think so. For one thing, tapes and EPs aren't allowed! For another, it works to a certain set of standards whereas my own sites can and do include lots of peripheral material, and documentation of records which I have little hard detail for. I can also link things like records with similar cover art - so in short, they will work side-by-side.

The links below will take you to some of the discographies I have created so far - and which other collectors have and will add to, as we go. If you have anything missing from the site - join and add it in!

(click the buttons to see the discographies)

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