Saturday, August 17, 2013

Beat Parade '66

Today I paid a visit to the beautiful town of Burgess Hill, where I came across the LP below. I'd never seen it before, but a bit of Googling reveals that it's not uber-rare, although finding a copy in the UK is unusual. The label is Baccarola, who are an Austrian imprint.

The album title is "Beat Parade '66", and it's a round-up of recent(ish) hits - all soundalikes of course, but not the best ones I've ever heard! The vinyl is extremely thick, almost like a gramophone record. And notice how many Beatles songs appear on it - four. Anyone would have thought the Beatles were popular in the 1960s!

This is the track listing:

Paperback Writer
Bus Stop
Pretty Flamingo
Black is Black
Nowhere Man
Lovers of the World Unite

Sunny Afternoon
Hi Lili, Hi Lo
Take This Hammer
Greenback Dollar
Hey Girl
Let's Go

I do not know of any corresponding recordings from the UK, so it's a fair bet that Baccarola recorded this LP themselves. If the album was released in 1966, which I think it must have been, then it dates to before the UK album series were properly under way.

And there's more. On the back is an ad for an even earlier LP, "Beat Parade 1965"!

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