Thursday, August 1, 2013

Avenue test pressing up for grabs on Ebay

Some time ago I featured an Ebay sale of an extremely rare white label pressing from the Avenue vaults (see here). That particular one was for an album, but there has now appeared another gem for the collector, in the form of an Avenue white label EP:

This EP, as stated in pen on the label, is AVE 62, which dates to late 1968. Tracks include a cover of The Doors' "Hello I Love You".

According to the seller, the writing on the label belongs to none other than Gordon Melville, the man behind the label. The disc was pressed by Pye in Mitcham, Surrey. You can see the Ebay post here. At the time of writing, there are still six days to run on the auction.

And just to remind ourselves, this is what the rare commercial pressing looked like:

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