Saturday, March 23, 2013

Silenced by a price sticker...

One for the anoraks today (and I include myself in that!)... Yesterday, I visited Uckfield in East Sussex. The high street has a range of charity shops, from the trendy (clothes only) to the mountains-of-dusty-bric-a-brac type. One shop had at least ten Top of the Pops LPs in, which is unusual these days, and I also found a collectable Sandie Shaw EP from New Zealand, which I took home with me. My only other purchase was the record below, for which I tendered a modest 99p. Not bad for a double album...

As a long-time Top of the Pops collector, I already had a copy of this LP - 50 All Time Pops Hits by the "Fabulous" Top of the Poppers. But I picked up this copy as well, because of the sticker on the front. I'd not seen these before:

This clearly isn't just any old price sticker. It is called "Special Introductory Offer" and carries the Pickwick "2 Record Set" logo, so it would have been printed and applied by Pickwick themselves, prior to the LP being shipped to the retailer, and shows the exact retail price at the time. 37 years later, and incredibly, it's still there, and in one piece!

The placing of the sticker hides the speech bubble, so you can't read what "Jane" is saying. My unstickered copy reveals all...


Is it just me, or is this lady being a tad sarcastic here? Check the expression on her face. Not a happy bunny, it seems. We'll never know the full story, but inside the gatefold sleeve, Jane is pictured getting off with the guy - but on Volume 67, two years later, she's hooking up with someone else:

Anyway... a nice original sticker, which adds a little to my LP collection.

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