Monday, August 27, 2012

Collectable Top of the Pops

Over the last couple of weeks we've spotted some of the rarest Top of the Pops LPs appearing on Ebay. Volume 90 went for a respectable, though not sensational £12, while two copies of the "holy grail" volume 91 fetched £54 and £12 respectively.

This though, is just the tip of the iceberg. The LPs have twice featured in Record Collector mag, which expressed surprise at the high prices some of these records achieve. The report below about another copy of volume 91 is understandable - we've seen copies break the £100 mark on more than one occasion, but the other report, from earlier this year, mentions a sale price of £92 for an unidentified edition. There's also a copy of volume 25 pictured... which went for the sum of... 1p!


  1. wow! Thank you for mp3 and for blog – all of this is very interesting!
    if DB really sings this Beatles song, then it is a sensation!

    1. Ups, sorry^^) I wanted to write it in previous post :)

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the message. It would be amazing if DB really did sing on "Hits '67". Opinion is sharply divided though. Until he decides to reveal all, I guess we'll have to make our own minds up. Me - I just can't decide!

  3. What a rude comment by Record Collector! Reminds me of why I stopped buying the magazine years ago!

  4. Yeah, it's disrespectful calling them rubbish. RC used to be completely interested in collecting records, but these days its more of a general music mag with celeb interviews etc. Shame.