Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amazing studio tapes surface on Ebay

The phrase "once in a lifetime" is over-used, but certainly applies to three items up for grabs on Ebay this week. They consist of original studio master tapes from the Pye/Marble Arch/Avenue stable, featuring recordings by cover version luminaries David Byron, Danny Street, Laura Lee and others, plus Elton John whose work on these records needs no introduction.


All three are quarter-inch studio tapes, and the seller has helpfully provided details of the commercial record releases they were for:

Avenue EP (AVE 59)
"Top Chartbusters of '69" on the Marble Arch label
"Soul Spectacular Volume 3" on Marble Arch

If you want to pick up a genuine piece of musical history, and true cover version gold, then stop by Ebay and check them out (warning - you'll need deep pockets though!).

See the Ebay listings here, here and here.


  1. nice tapes,but i cant see anybody shelling out 3 or 4 grand on them :)

    1. I wouldn't be so sure. If Elton's on there - his stuff is seriously collectable!

  2. If I had the cash I would buy them

  3. Me too! Looks like the auctions ended today without any bids - but the seller seems to be relisting them, so they might sell.