Saturday, November 30, 2019

Budget albums in the national press

Last week, we heard that the old UK budget albums, including Top of the Pops, were afforded a glimpse of the limelight, courtesy of the Daily Mail newspaper.

Like several dailies, the Mail has a column for reader questions and answers, and someobdy posed the query, "Did any artists who recorded cover versions for Music For Pleasure's Hot Hits or Pickwick's Top Of The Pops go on to achieve fame?" And, someone named James Thompson, of Hartlepool, pitched in with an informed answer.

It's hard to read from the scan, so here's a grab from the online version (click to enlarge):

James Thompson is clearly quite a fan - and if you're reading this, please leave a message.

Great to see - and our thanks to Clive Hetherington for the heads up, and the newspaper scan.

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