Saturday, February 16, 2019

Top of the Spots

Another in our series of occasional posts, which crop up when a Top of the Pops LP makes a cameo appearance in the media.

This time out, we spotted one of the LPs in the popular British TV show, Hollyoaks, a sort-of adolescent soap opera screened in the early evenings. OK, we don't normally watch the show, and don't know much about it, but our research reveals the following:

Down in "Hollyoaks Village" is an "emporium" (a junk shop) staffed by the character, Liberty Savage. The episode screened on Valentine's Day this year saw Liberty having a tense conversation with her sister, inside the emporium, and here's what we noticed:

There it is - just behind her - Top of the Pops volume 26.

For some reason, they've stuck a big pink label over the model's face. Something's written on it, but we can't make out what!

Here's the original LP sleeve:

Next to it on the shelf is a Contour album, which may well be another budget cover version LP. Impossible to say. We don't recognise the red album sleeve behind it, but then again, it doesn't necessarily belong to the disc anyway.

Watch out for more 'Top of the Spots' - and if you see any yourself, drop us a line.

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