Sunday, January 8, 2017

Top of the Spots

Those old Top of the Pops LPs are turning up all over the place! We've recently featured a couple which made unexpected appearances on UK TV, and now we have another case of Top of the Pops pinching a bit of attention in the most unlikely of places.

So, I've decided to start a series of blog posts on this subject and invite readers to send in examples where Top of the Pops (or similar) have been spotted - "Top of the Spots" we'll call it.

And so to this post - music buff Rebecca Garnham has kindly sent us a copy of the front cover of Prog magazine (issue 51, Dec 2014). As the name suggests, this publication deals with prog rock, and ran a special feature on the music of 1974. Check out the LPs pictured:

All prog rock fans will recognise Genesis' The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Queen's Queen II. And all prog fans will also recognise the red LP sleeve elbowing its way into shot, with cover versions of prog classics like, er, "Sugar Baby Love" and "Seasons in the Sun".

It is, of course, our very own Best of Top of the Pops 1974:

What's it doing on the front of the mag? We've no idea - unless of course the photographer and editors were closet TOTP fans, which seems overwhelmingly likely. Come to that, as Rebecca pointed out, taking your LPs out for a pint was never really a craze anyway!

Still, once again we have the era depicted with a Top of the Pops LP used to good effect. Top spot from Rebecca - more to follow soon (well, at least one, which I have up my sleeve...).

Send us your examples and we'll feature them.

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