Friday, November 4, 2016

Flag EP number 10

The latest addition to my collection is one of the difficult Flag EPs - they are not easy to find at all! I've featured them a couple of times before, so won't go over the details again. Back in 2013, I did an overview of the EPs known to me at the time - see here - eight of them containing anonymous cover versions. In 2014, another surfaced - see here - expanding the known discography to nine discs.

I have just chanced upon this one, which while known previously, was not in my personal collection until now:

I can now count the following in my collection:

  • EP 10
  • EP 11
  • EP 12
  • EP 16
  • EP 21
  • EP 23 
I am missing numbers 13, 25 and 26. I also don't have (and nor do I need) EP 15, which is not related to the others and does not contain cover versions like these. On which note, we can add another unrelated disc to the label listing:

This makes a grand total of 11 EPs known to us, catalogue numbered between 10 (preumably the very first) and 26. We're getting there ... slowly!

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