Thursday, October 13, 2016

Today's Smash Hits - Italian pressing

One of the lesser-noted UK covers series was "Today's Smash Hits", issued on the London-based Enterprise label. In fact, it was the last of the regular series to start up, not counting those with a back-history of some sort (eg mfp's "Chart Choice" which has "Hot Hits" as a direct predecessor).

The series began in Autumn 1972, with installment four appearing just under a year on, and thereby ending the set. Here is the UK edition:

Thanks to the fab site, Discogs, I have now discovered that this relatively small series found its way over to Italy - this same installment number 4 (there were no actual volume numbers) was issued there. Here's a cover image:

Note the little badge in the bottom corner - it's the logo of Broadway International, the Italian label which hosted all sorts of obscure goodies, from Jimi Hendrix tributes to an edition of "Hot Hits 18", about which we'd like to know more! 

It's not known whether there are more Italian editions of "Today's Smash Hits" - but if we see any, expect them to be posted on here in due course.

To be going on with, here's the same label's edition of "Hot Hits 18" - you'd hardly recognise if, if you didn't know!

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