Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Another Lebanon Top of the Pops...

Less than a year ago, we learned that Lebanon had issued their own edition of Top of The Pops volume 23 (see here). Now, to our amazement another has surfaced - this one volume 24:

The record looks very much like the UK edition. The only real changes on the sleeve are the substitution of the relevant company logos, and the price roundel in the top corner, which is printed on as part of the artwork. The label is, of course, Empire.

So far all the Lebanese Top of the Pops records we've found (five, to date) were issued from late-1971 to early-1972. This new discovery pushes on a little into the summer of 1972 (the UK edition appeared in June/July).

Our thanks to Craig Koslofsky for informing us about this one, and for the images.

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