Saturday, September 3, 2016

Another coloured Pye LP

We have recently been looking at the hidden colours in Pye's vinyl pressings of the 1970s. Earlier we posted about the Pye Chart Busters series, and how all the editions turned out to be colured rather than plain old black. What we didn't check was the peripheral release - the end-of-year compilation, "Chartbusters 1972".

Well, someone who did think to check was Holger Schoeler, who sent us the following images, proving his copy is, indeed, on a sort of purple vinyl...

When I read about this, I dug out my own copy, and sure enough, it's a very strong cherry red colour.

Which gave me another thought - the previous year's "Chartbusters of the Year '71", which I checked and which is also on a kind of purple vinyl. Like "Chartbusters 1972" it was issued in Pye's Golden Hour series.

Thanks again to Holger for flagging this up.


  1. This "colour" is unique to Pye's pressing plant Tranco Limited.

  2. Hi. Thanks for the info. So there was a specific place where these coloured vinyls would come out of? I read somewhere it was in the formulation of the plastic they were using. I wonder why they did it differently to everyone else?