Thursday, August 25, 2016

UK one-offs part 8: Chart Toppers

Another odd one...

Although it's called Vol. 2, I have never seen another in this series, so am treating this as a one-off. The label is Coronet, but that's about as much as we learn from the packaging.

Not having an 8-track player, I've never heard the recordings. My efforts to identify them turned up just one clue, and it may well be right - all tracks on the cartridge may also be heard on the album below (itself something of a one-off), so there's a good possibility they are from the same source:

The LP is part of the Windmill label's output - they of "Parade of Pops" fame. It is in fact a charity fund-raiser, with Miss World, Belinda Green, on the front. The recordings never surfaced on the regular "Parade of Pops", adding to the idea that these were sourced from elsewhere as some kind of special project. It's a fair guess that Coronet made up their 8-track from these same tapes, although who got their hands on them first is anyone's guess.

Who though are Coronet, and did they release anything else?? Leave us a message if you know more.

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