Monday, August 15, 2016

Another Swedish Nonstop Top 20!

Just recently we posted some info on the Swedish editions of the Nonstop Top 20 albums (see here). Fortunately, Holger Schoeler was able to send us some great scans of volume 10 in the Swedish discography - an album we'd not seen before.

Here they are:

Another great cover, there. It follows the usual Swedish style of featuring photos of cars, but whereas all the others we know of depict racing cars, this one shows a stationary vehicle, with (more familiar) female model included.

The record itself matches the UK edition exactly, so far as we can tell. This fills in a gap in the known sequence - we now have positive knowledge of six successive volumes issued by Emidisc in Sweden - here they all are, next to their UK equivalents. (Only volume 8, which definitely exists, lacks a photo. Please contact us if you have one!).

Volume 5

Volume 6

 Volume 7

Volume 8 

Volume 9

 Volume 10

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