Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nonstop Top 20 - Swedish style!

Last summer we were pleased to receive some scans and info from collector, Holger Schoeler, about some unusual Swedish editions of Nonstop Top 20 - the early 1970s covers series from Mike Morton. The albums contained shortened versions of the typical soundalike covers, linked together with audience applause to make for a 'nonstop' soundtrack.

Here's a reminder of the UK editions of volumes 6 and 7:

Now, here's what Holger sent us - editions of these two LPs, which we'd never seen before:

What fantastic sleeves! These are quite unlike the average UK editions of these, or any other budget covers series, featuring dynamic action shots from motor racing events. In fact we also have evidence of couple more of these - volumes 5 and 9 (although our images leave something to be desired):

A couple of others we have seen listed but don't have pictures - so it would appear that Sweden saw at least six of the 11-album set issued there, and in likelihood, several more stretching through most - if not all - of the series.

The label here is Emidisc (an imprint of EMI), with due credit to Plexium on labels and sleeve. Here are some more images of volume 6, which give a good idea of the anatomy of these releases:

Needless to say, we were bowled over by these! What great editions they are, and hats off to Emidisc and whoever decided on the fantastic sleeve art. Thanks to Holger for the images...

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