Sunday, July 31, 2016

Brazilian beauties

This post covers a couple of 'virtual' finds - which is to say, records I discovered online without actually obtaining copies...

Both stem from the "Top of the Pops" series, one an impressive alternative edition, the other a non-UK compilation. Here's the first:

Here's what it looked like in not-so-sunny Blighty:

It's the Gilbert O'Sullivan tribute compilation of course, wrapped in a bright new sleeve. Interestingly it's on the RCA Camden label, which had links with Hallmark, and in the UK, had further links with Mike Morton's "Non Stop Hits" series.

The Brazilian label states 1976, three years later than the UK edition!

And next, to this release - a Brazil-only compilation of "Top of the Pops" tracks pulled from volumes 67 to 71:

Also on RCA, this album has tracks which cover the period before and after Bruce Baxter and the in-house team were recording the albums for Hallmark, so it straddles the two main "Top of the Pops" eras. It dates to 1979. 

The LP came housed in a risque topless sleeve. One other detail to note is the inclusion of the "16 Fabulous Tracks" logo at the bottom - a device which the UK albums carried (in most cases) from volumes 70 onwards. Here's the first of them:

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