Saturday, October 4, 2014

50 Rocketing Disco Hits

Cassettes, they say, are making a comeback - so here's my contribution to retro tape culture. This item popped up on Ebay last week and landed on my doormat today...

Most Top of the Poppers collectors will recognise it at once. But it's much, much more common in its original double vinyl incarnation - cassette editions are practically unheard of. And this little gem, is only half to the two-tape set.

It is of course compiled from the Top of the Pops albums, and is one of four (or five, six, seven or ten - depending how you count them!) in a sub-series from the 70s. This particular addition to the UK catalogue appeared on the shelves of Woolies and the like in 1977.

Of the other associated compilations (see here for an overview) probably all of them appeared on cassette and/or 8-track cartridge, although so rare are they that information is scant. Here though are a couple of similar comps. Hopefully more cassette editions will turn up in the fullness of time...


  1. I love these compilations from the TOTP albums. It's a shame they didn't also include extra tracks that missed out on appearing on the original TOTP albums. Oh well...never mind......

  2. "50 No. 1 Hits of the 70s" includes the (slightly) rare "Amazing Grace", which wasn't in the main TOTP series, but had been released on one of their Best-of-Year LPs. That's about as interesting as it gets!

    They are nice though - double LPs too (mostly), which you don't find too often where cover versions like this are concerned.

  3. The only one I have in my collection is the '50 No 1 Hits Of The'70s' you mention above on vinyl which I bought for a whopping 50 pence at a local car boot sale a couple of years ago. Mint condition too, so I was lucky.

    1. That's just 1p per number one hit!

  4. I had the 70s one - I'm sure Coz I Luv You is on the tracklist