Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More on the Top 12 Pops...

Readers might recall that collector Bill Williams contacted us a while ago about an old 78rpm, 10-inch record on the Top 12 Pops label, dating back to 1956. We featured it here, and below is a label scan:

At the time, this very early covers record was the first we knew of the label, but for a different but seemingly related release from a little earlier. The records seem to have been mail-order releases, and now, through the shop window of Ebay, we have chanced upon a couple more:

The scans show two more releases in the series: EMO 19 and EMO 62.

EMO 19 consists of: Memories Are Made Of This / It's Almost Tomorrow / Only You / I Hear You Knocking / Croce Di Oro / Gee Whittaker.

EMO 62 consists of: Great Pretender / Teenage Prayer / Band Of Gold / Davy Crocket / Sixteen Tons / Shifting Whispering Sands.

The track listings suggest that the records date to around 1955-56, and we would love to find out more about this series. These two got away from us, but if we chance upon more, we will post them up here as part of the ongoing research into this early covers label. 

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