Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Turkish LP discovered: Top of the Pops vol 22

A couple of years ago we discovered our first Top of the Pops LP from Turkey, and have since added one or two more to the discography. This week, we have landed a Turkish copy of volume 22 - the earliest yet discovered from that country. Here are the scans:

The sleeve is in fact a standard UK sleeve, which was presumably exported to Turkey to save the expense of settting up a local print. The disc however is of Turkish manufacture, made by the local Melodi Records, as shown in the small print of the perimeter text:

There is one other point of interest in the packaging; the inclusion of a Melodi inner sleeve. This shows that the organisation was acting as a channel for several other labels, taking them to the Turkish public:

Establishing that some Turkish Top of the Pops LPs were issued in UK sleeves opens up the possibility that there are others out there which are waiting to be identified. We suspect volume 25 was issued in Turkey, as well as the confirmed volumes 26 and 30. In all likelihood, the intervening volumes would have been as well - watch this space for more news as and when...

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