Monday, February 24, 2014

Covers album fetches a staggering price!

We always like to be bang up to date with our news, so we have pleasure in bringing you details of an Ebay auction which closed on, er, November 11th. So, only three months ago! Nevertheless, when we were alerted to it by blog reader Bill Williams, we felt it was too sensational a story to let go.

The auction concerned the Boulevard LP, 1970 Top 12, which features a good number of contributions from Elton John. Here is a screen grab from the Ebay auction after it ended. Click the image below to enlarge, Then rub your eyes, and look again.

This "budget" album fetched an amazing £681.53. There is no reason to think the auction was not bona-fide, and the two parties exchanged regular feedback afterwards. I am on pretty safe ground I think, when I say this has to be a world record for such an LP.

If you are lucky enough to own a copy, look after it! I myself have a copy, but I only came by it recently, and it was such a big deal for me that I celebrated it with a blog post of its own (see here), where you can find some background details of the album.

With prices like this in the air, how long before the "serious" music press starts to recognise the budget covers format? I'm not holding my breath, but I do believe the official airbrushing of these records out of pop history is an anomaly, which I hope will someday be rectified. Over to you, Record Collector et al.

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  1. Interesting. Here’s one that went for £25 in January.