Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top of the Pops - another 45 from Lebanon

A fellow poster on the website 45 cat has recently uploaded a rare Top of the Pops single from Lebanon: "Sultana" backed with "The Witch Queen Of New Orleans".

The single couples two tracks from the UK album volume 20:

There is currently no indication that any of the Top of the Pops LPs were released in Lebanon, but a few singles certainly were. With a catalogue number of EM 098, this is the earliest one we have yet discovered. The others we know of are pictured below, along with the LP from which the tracks were selected.

First, "Without a Worry in the World" / "Acropolis Adieu" from Top of the Pops Europe Edition volume 2 (it is not clear why there is a white label on the A-side):

And next, a coupling of "Sacramento" and "Meet Me on the Corner", both of which originally appeared on the UK Volume 23:

These singles are nice additions to our international discography. The Empire label seems to have existed only in Lebanon, and many of the intervening catalogue number entries have been identified, and do not contain Top of the Pops tracks. It was therefore something of a budget label providing a range of music to its domestic listeners. Pictured below is an Empire company sleeve, which is presumably how all of these 45s were originally sold:

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