Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cover versions on the Philips label

This post concerns one of the more unusual items to turn up from the soundalike genre. Below is pictured the cassette, 28 Top Hits which was released on the Philips label in 1970 or 71.

28 is a lot of tracks to squeeze onto an album, but Philips were able to do it by editing down the songs and arranging them into short sets, usually with three tracks each. Mike Morton did a similar thing with some of his 1970s LPs, disguising the edits with fake audience applause, but here, Philips simply present these partial songs as they come, with some extra work done on making them sound continuous. The inserts show how the track sequence is arranged:

My initial thought on finding this tape was that it was probably compiled from some other series; after all, Philips are not generally known for soundalike cover versions. Prime suspect, thanks to the editing and sequencing, was Mike Morton, but in fact none of his, nor any other of the period LPs contain these recordings. I do not know where they originate at all!

This cassette was possibly a one-off. Pictured below is an advert from Philips concerning the launch of the "Sonic Series", of which the tape above forms a part. It would be fascinating to find out what other tapes in the series consisted of.

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